Elevate Your Style, Embrace Elegance
“United Exim” Where Every Thread Tells a Tale of Craftsmanship and Distinction

Our unit

Anchored by over 1500+ employees, belonging to different communities company cover a total space of 150000 sq feet. Currently production capacity of the company is 0.6 million Jackets, 1 million Trousers and 0.3 million waistcoat…


United Exim Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1995

“Elevating Elegance, Empowering Diversity. Our 150,000 sq ft canvas echoes with the craftsmanship of 1500+ talents. From tailored jackets to exquisite waistcoats, we weave a tapestry of style.

What’s special?

Immerse yourself in a world where every stitch tells a story of precision and passion. From meticulously tailored jackets to refined trousers and exquisite waistcoats, our gallery is a visual ode to sartorial excellence.

“United Exim: Elevating Elegance, Crafting Stories, and Redefining Your Style Journey.”

Our products

United Exim is professionally export oriented, specializing in formal suits, Jackets, Trouser, West Coat, Cotton Trouser, Ladies Trouser, Commercial &…

Production Capacity

With a production capacity that speaks volumes, United Exim is a beacon of efficiency.

0.6 million jackets
0.3 million waistcoats
0.2 million Trousers
0.9 million Suits