How we work

Stringent production method for garment manufacturing

United Exim follows the most stringent yet effective production method for garment manufacturing. Right from the initial cutting section to the packing section.

Cad & Pattern

United Exim is equipped with a CAD system for pattern making and plotter machines that allow us to be highly flexible with garment specification provided by our various buyers. We have the capability to adapt to any new garment style and apply the same on our assembly lines.


United Exim has an independent sampling section which employs highly skilled workers for any sampling requirements of the buyers as well as in house verification of the patterns.

Detailed Fabric Checking

Fabric inspection is another aspect that United Exim has follows religiously to deliver quality garments. We follow a 4-point system for the inspection of the fabric rolls.

Fabric Cutting

Our cutting department is equipped with the required machines and operators who cut the fabric with precision keeping in the mind the safety aspect.


Equipped with microprocessor controlled machines, hanger system for material handling with specially designed steam pipelines for in-line pressing.

After garment assembly, United Exim follows the procedure of pressing inspection and repressing for delivering an inspected and quality garment to buyers. The finished garments are sent to warehouse where they are neatly segregated, packed and shipped out to the buyers.

Regular Quality Monitoring

Each assembly line has a supervisor and quality head, who have quality personnel to monitoring the quality of garment at various sections in the assembly line.  

Periodical Training Programme

United Exim conducts periodical training programmes for its production team to get it acquainted and trained in the new production techniques and methods and also upgrades machinery wherever imperative.